Handmade at Amazon Sales


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I pretty much stopped trying to sell commissions on Amazon because their messaging system is so cumbersome that I've had customers just give up trying to attach a photo for me to paint. I was glad to see Amazon is aware there might be issues with communication for custom work in their Handmade section.

On another note, I raised the prices of my prints and started adding shipping, resulting in more sales. Not gangbusters, but a nice little slice of my pie.

Anyone else here selling on Handmade?
Yes, Etsy used to be my #1 place to sell, now it's my website. I still keep Etsy even though I feel they have gotten less friendly to original art each year. They allow mistagging so reproduction prints that are tagged "oil painting" or titled that way flood search. I get a pretty fair number of returning customers and their friends who look for me there.

Handmade is fine for my repro prints, I don't work it very much.
You think so? I dunno, chickens are lighter, but I image their trajectories to be more erratic than those of chainsaws.
Of course they don't lob of parts of your anatomy in case of mistakes, that's a plus...
In case anyone else has put their toe into the Handmade water, be sure to edit your listings for the bullet points. if you have trouble figuring that out, let me know. They are using bullet points in their algorithm and they are required in a few weeks.