Amaryllis Plein Air & Studio


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the setup

Studies, 24 x 18, acrylic/paper
Plein Air original

Studio study version
Good set up spot. I like them both. I like the plain air over the studio because of the light.
I like them both, but I think I like the plein air the best. Well done. (y) (y)
The Plein air is by far IMO the better of the two. Better rendering of the umbrella and table, but color choices.

Curious about your quadpod - three black adjustable legs plus an aluminum(?) leg ?
Both of them are very nice. Yes, the plein air one has more to it but I live the boldness of the second one. 😍
Love the plein air, the studio study is good too. Did you paint the studio study first?
I like the blue color tones in the plein air painting. Composition is very good in this piece. Lovely set up and location to paint.
Hi ... nice takes for both but I esp. love the light in the plein air more.