Alp Church In Summer


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I made several studies of this church, this is possibly the wildest one. Q&D.

18 x 24 ins acrylic/brown Kraft paper

as I said, Quick and Dirty
I really like this! Van Gogh again and I love the colors and composition. ❤️
Sorry folks, I just lost track of this thread due to some recent distractions, and I hope you don't think that I am ignoring such wonderful comments from you all.

Joe - thanks

Hey Nufocus - Man, if you like it I must be on the right track! Thanks

Arty - Your critiques always show that you have really considered the work and evaluated it from several aspects. Its great that you find this one worthy.

sno - Its heartwarming that you see where I would like to go and approve. Encouraging!

Hey Bongo - Bingo ! What a terrific name for it. If you don't mind, I will attach it to my other studies of this Church also. Thanks a lot.