Holy Trinity Church, Stratford upon Avon


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This was sketched in June 2015. I was checking on Stratford upon Avon on the internet that morning when I saw images of this church and felt compelled to sketch it. I therefore did a quick lunch break sketch, in about twenty minutes or so, with a marker pen. This is an A5 size sketch (approximately 5" x 8") on cartridge paper.

Holy Trinity Church, Stratford upon Avon.jpg
Wonderful! Every line is well placed and adds to the effect. Perfect rendition of rainy reflections. Amazing you did this in twenty minutes.
Very nice Balaji. I love the crisp lines of the church and the dramatic value contrasts.
Another wow! from me. Your sketch of the church and surrounding trees is excellent, and I am really enjoying the reflections in the water. Terrific work, Balaji! Impressively detailed for the amount of time you spent here.
Joy, Anne, and Terri...Thank you.
Nine years ago I had not yet developed the hand tremors that I have now. I very much doubt if I could sketch this in twenty minutes now. But, if you look closely, even then I only created the illusion of details. I was looking at the reference on the screen of my mobile phone and my phone, then, was smaller than my current one. I think that too helped me to not get lost in the details. Also, I always tend to sketch quicker (even now) with marker pens. I think it is something to do with the ink flow and the fact that I do not have to keep switching pens to vary line widths.