AI vs. ART

I think the music world, between record companies and their regulations, will block, limit this in the bud, for better or for worse I'm like the godfather, in this case for the better in the sense that singers and musicians will be able to continue to exist, at least until they find a way to make money siae and record companies by increasing revenues and not losing them but I don't think there's a way not to damage the artists and also their revenues by letting Ai do it.
in Italy there is
.for the worse, I believe that Italian singers, musicians have recently been damaged by a lack of agreement between siae and instagram, facebook, meta.
in practice in Italy they have not renewed the agreement, perhaps it is the only nation in which all the music produced, Italian music has practically been removed from the platforms and can no longer be inserted due to the lack of agreement. maybe for some it was a way to make themselves known. anyway, even if I never liked the Italian mechanism, I would have liked similar mechanisms for art because they would have put limits against AI art.
it seems to me that AI has quietly robbed every artist in the world with the mechanism it uses to train which is honest, immoral and unethical, for me they could only train with permission and the aim is only to save money and make it do it to technological giants by ignoring art , thought and imagination and even craftsmanship. they potentially damage a lot of skills.
I think music is safer, at least for the next 20 or 30 years, until they manage to give AI a face that will be accepted as if it were a real person.
what I think music has rights, laws that for arts there are no, it is a single market that of record companies, art, paintings and drawings also by nature are things that unite a thousand different things, art houses, modern art but art classical, the world of comics, the world of books, children's books, etc., in short, in art there are names, characters, artists who are linked to what they do and we will continue to look for them at least for a while, the machine may already duplicate that style but the market will say we self-destruct and then human art has the story of that person, I also buy the name, fuck the car, but there are many works in which we don't know the names and faces of who, of whom create storyboards apart from the most famous names now with the internet, but let's think of those who color comics, who draw caricatures in a theme park or at parties and so on.

that is, I believe that technology has reached a point that it can do anything and without being commanded by those who imputne understand nothing about music, acting, dance or painting, given that art has always been said to be something that concerns also the cujore, the feeling then that aiarte engulfs a market sorry but above all it seems absurd that it does it in a way, that they have obtained training with any data even confidential and can exactly copy the style of any artist without having to have permission and without risking the jail. for years people had to respect copyrights in order not to risk criminal consequences, for art there is no copyright because they have decided that the world cannot go on if billions of books, images, comics cannot be produced in one second and without knowing what you do and why. because a future where an app creates you a painting is better than hiring an artist or studying, or making art, whether it's for a hobby or a job, this seems so absurd to me that to think that they want a world where people expect to dream and think. but I'm becoming paranoid that in reality many artists do nothing but speak well of AI, or even Aiart, or in any case they think it is a tool, but I will never see a sense in aiarte, because the pen does not seem like a tool to me it's a tool, photoshop is a tool, artificial intelligence in the arts and delegating an activity to the machine by saying the journey doesn't count but the arrival and it must be cheap and fast, 2 years ago due to the pandemic they said that slowing down had benefits, that we ran too much, that we missed the importance of things, artificial intelligence for the arts means exactly the opposite, that now we have to run 3000 times more and that we are not even able to walk and therefore we have to let the cars run even if we don't know which direction is, we have to run but I don't know towards what and where . it seems to me a joke in bad taste and in the light of the pandamia and the quarantine and the talk that slowing down was important and that we would have come out richer from it I it seems disgusting to have deemed legal, to have allowed to rob any intellectual work to train the machine. it is as if more lives have been lost, lost 3 years in which you could distinguish the real from the fake and where people, human relationships and thought were worth a little