Abstract Study 3


Another abstract study, this one is on Fabriano paper, watercolor and some colored pencil, 11 x 7 inches.

I like the simplicity and colour combo. To leave something just so, takes a restraint I sorely lack. The dark green shape reminds me of one of those JT boulders that appears to balance precariously, impossibly, as a legacy of the last ice age.
You got the JT boulder reference here. That's a good sign that I may be doing this right. Thanks Iain. Now to figure out what I'm doing wrong on the landscapes, especially because I actually liked them when I posted them.
What landscapes? Your desert landscapes? Surely not. I saw the mention in the other thread. What has changed your mind on them?
I posted two (three altogether) landscapes in the landscape forum. The first one I felt turned out the best. It was the first thing I've done in months it seems. At first, I wasn't sure of it, but then it came about quickly and naturally (kinda), and I liked how it wound up. I don't usually feel that way. The JT Park one came after that and ...well, anyway, no one said anything and I guess I figured no one really liked them and they didn't want to say anything (better nothing than something bad, right?). I know I should not care. I mean, I don't in the bigger scheme of things because I'll still do what I want, but I guess I sort of felt sad about it, like...I don't know. Whatever. Sorry. Nevermind. I just wish I could do better. That's how I feel about them now. They could be better.

I talked about it with Hannah about all this yesterday, and when I can really paint again, I'm going to try to get back to the paintings I last felt proud of. I got messed up once I started up with those damn abstract bags a while back and haven't been the same since. I felt like I had to start doing something "different," but I mostly like doing the desert landscapes in oils. They just take me forever and I need to just stop being lazy and commit to working on them no matter how long they take. I also think Instagram makes me feel inadequate. Looking at all the art on there gets me, like how to people produce so much art so quickly?

I also love to make abstract art, and I will whenever I feel like it, but I'd like to try to do better with my landscapes again.