Abstract art and contemporary art


Labels are confusing but to me if I were looking for abstract art I would by pass contemporary and vice versa. I tend to think of abstract as non-objective, in theory, while contemporary would be expressions on objectivity. Do they belong in the same forum? Just a thought.
Probably not, but I think a lot of people meld a lot of those together in their work. I could have just as well called it Abstract Expressionism, or Contemporary Expressionism in order to make an umbrella forum. I think some people wouldn't know which forum to post in if I had two separate forums: Abstract and Contemporary.

I personally think a lot of people would post their somewhat representational art that is abstracted in the Abstract forum. Some of us that are purists would think, "what is that doing here?" While the person posting can feel like it's abstract. I just didn't want that to happen.

For that matter, people could start debating what is abstract and what is decorative. I know I could. ;)
The label "Abstract & Contemporary" Art was always problematic at WC. Contrary to Keith Russell, who argued that all art is abstract (and it is) I accepted that the term Abstract is used by most people to denote Non-Objective Art. Arguably, we are all Contemporary Artists if we are living and creating art regardless of the style or genre or medium. Contemporary Art can be Impressionistic, Expressionistic, Realistic, Neo-Classical, Neo-Classical, Neo-Rococo, Neo-Renaissance, Abstract, Post-Pop... whatever.
Andrea Rosen has said that some contemporary painters "have absolutely no idea of what it means to be a contemporary artist" and that they "are in it for all the wrong reasons."

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Who cares what she thinks. Anyone who thinks that art can only be produced by adhering to the proper critical theories is a twat.
Do not bother about being modern - Unfortunately it is the one thing that, whatever you do, you cannot avoid.
-Salvador Dali
postmodern art would relate to her quote

which I don't think we're guilty of
thank you Arty

We agree StLuk, a stick in the mud is art on a good day! And I don't mean that in a bad way, it's beautiful when you see it in the proper light.

JE .. would not be so encompassing but do agree most enter for the wrong reason
Maybe what Rosen means is that a lot of contemporary artists aren't really taking the risks that maybe they should. That doesn't mean all contemporary artists should take risks--that is not for everyone and not what art (in general) is all about, but for her market, that's what art is all about. The cutting edge.