A study in oil pastels



I’ve been posting quite a bit lately. I’ll soon run out of merchandise…..
Anyways, this piece of paper has been suffering from those crayons pressing hard on it. Maybe I’ll let it rest now?….
Great texture, and I like the ghost-like figures in the background. I'm not sure if they are deliberate or just a coincidence of marks, which just makes them even more mysterious!
I guess you out off. bcz you must finnish those at the background. they look delicious to paint.
If its your unresting passion to the infinite create that rolls you and makes you tired then you are in good and healthy hands.
Beautiful scene.
Wonderful piece! I love the abstraction of it, and the softer palette. I don't usually love softer palettes, but I really, really, love this one. This also is reminiscent of Chagall for me (if you like him, I don't know), but I love him, so I swear it's a compliment. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
This is lovely! Great texture from those OP's and I like the faces.
A good one. I like the way the background faces are sketchy but the girl stands out. She looks a little sad.
How do you like the oil pastels? I could never get used to them, kind of like trying to paint with a stick of butter. :giggle:
You seem to have control of them though. ❤️❤️