A Naive Watercolour, Perhaps!


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Pug and Friends

I love this style. Some of their looks are spot on because dogs are crazy funny! Really well done. ♥️ ♥️
Wow! So much character to all the dogs, and I love the warmth - perfect for a night in front of the fire. This is one of the most interesting and stylish watercolours I've seen in ages - I love it!
Thank you very much, Triss, for your comments. I’m really pleased you like the scene.
Nicely done. I like how you arranged the dogs.....it make for a good composition.
I hate to be repetitive, but what Triss said is exactly how I too feel about this piece.
I am not a pet lover but this is very nice. A real good capture of a dogs inquisition.
Thank you, Kay. They are such little characters. I don’t own one but know people who do.
I love this Penny, it's terrific. The colours really work and the dogs are full of personality.
Thank you very much, Claudia. I was doubtful about the mauve and purple like colours at first but like them now.
Looks like a cozy, happy home. You have captured doggy personalities!