Yosemite Mountains


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Here’s my impression of Mountains in Yosemite National Park
I've not yet been able to visit Yosemite, Penny, but I believe you have portrayed the monumental impact they make with your bold shapes and line work! The touches of blue on the cliff face tie earth and sky together. Very nice!
It's really nice, Schuee - the part I like the best are those nifty little bits of red you worked in there. So bright against your lovely olive greens. Very majestic depiction! :)
That’s kind of you to say so, Terri. Thank you. I didn’t set out for olive green but it was determined to appear!
I love this because it's got a super contemporary feel to it. Surprising colors! :) I also love Yosemite and it brought back a fresh perspective of my memories there. ♥️ Good job.
Thank you very much, Artyczar. I’m pleased it brought back memories. I’v never travelled to America, but if I did, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon would be places I’d want to see.
I have been to both and they are really spectacular. I hope you get to see them both someday. They have their own appeals. ♥️
I don’t think I ever will, Artyczar, but I enjoy seeing them in print and paint. I’m hoping to get Obata’s book on his visit to Yosemite for Christmas. Geology fascinates me with its shapes and structures.