Woodchipper - Digital drawing


I made this last fall.

Is it making all those chips from that little flower? You did a good job of making it look like a chipper. :)
That is excellent! Admittedly, we have seen the extent of my foray into digital drawing. It is difficult, at least with a finger and a smartphone screen. What stuff do you use? If I may.
Oh, wow, I forgot about this. I think I originally scanned in the rough sketch and then colored it in Photoshop, and then used a Wacom stylus from there. I took it a bit further and made another version. I'll have to look for it. I remember using it for my newsletter around that time. THANK YOU!!!! :)
I love it! It looks the same sized shredder I used. Man, I could feed those branches in. It was quite satisfying. A chipper. Looks like it could make Franch Fries. 🖤 Thanks for the info.