Wodka i Kwiaty

Dave Woody

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I hope I am not repeating a post here.
This is a little laugh of a picture. I did it
for my Polish brother in law, for his new gaff.

In Poland there are a million 'famous people' Vodka's, Chopin, Sobierski, Kapurnicus, Polanski etc etc.... but...
this one I made up, just to get away with not being able to paint flowers properly.
I can't say if you've posted this before or not, but I haven't seen it! I think the "Wadka Picasso" is a hoot! I like the outline, the flowers and basically the whole thing. ;)

Fun stuff.
Love it , Dave! The colors of the flowers are a very welcome addition to your usual more limited palette. And your framing it tells me that you like it too!……
Dave, I think the colors are very good in this one: they are pure, beautiful and everything is in harmony. I think it's a lovely painting. I'm glad you told us the story behind it too: the idea 💡 is clever!
Did your Polish brother in law like it? What did he say?
Late reply and a late 'thank you' to Moscatel for the insight on the pic.

He loved it, hung it straight away.