WIP: Visiting My Peruvian Monstrose Night Blooming Cereus


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"Visiting My Peruvian Monstrose Night Blooming Cereus"
11x14 Canson mixed media paper pad
I used Art101 oil pastels as the base layer, Mungyo and some Grumbacher ops, and a bit of polychromas oil pencils.
Now there are 4 buds on the V right cerius.
Done today, July 9, 2020 C&C welcome!
2020-07-09 08.30.40.jpg

2020-07-09 14.37.02.jpg

2020-07-09 18.58.06.jpg
This is nice! I used to have a night blooming cereus, aren't they the most lovely blooms? Really easy to miss the show if you're not watching closely. Well done ntl.
Sno, thanks. Yes, they are beautiful. I don't know if there will be more blossoms or not, seems it was later--August or into September--when these bloomed last year. These four are high on the stalk, rising over the block wall a few feet to their east, so will get the first rays, and start to die as soon as the sun peeks over the mountain. Lower flowers have lasted until 8-8:30 before dying. So far the other plant doesn't show even a hint of budding.
Have you eaten the apples? I didn't especially like them, but apparently are now being grown in Israel I think, for markets.
This started out as a quickie, but I kept adding to it! It's finished now, I think.
Thanks for looking! C&C welcomed!

2020-07-13 20.08.46.jpg
CZart, Katie, thanks for stopping in and commenting. I was just out to water them, an the taller one bloomed last. I didn't see any bugs so don't know if it was pollinated or not. But that would happen overnight anyway, while I'm sound asleep! Now the sun is on it, that flower dies. There's 4 more flower stalks.