WIP Scratchboard


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I haven't been making any art for so long that I decided I would post this as a WIP, since it may take me forever to finish it. 😁 When I am really busy with life, I usually do either a pencil, colored pencil or scratchboard that I can lay down and come back to whenever I have the time (no paint drying on the palette). This is all just this afternoon's messing, lots and lots more to go. There will be lots of lighting corrections, lots of form building, etc. Anyway, without further ado, I give you . . . . . Sorry, the photo is blurred and I can't blame it on the camera, I scanned it and the original scan was good.

Thanks Robin, it actually looks a bit better than the blurred scan. 😁
Wow! I'm loving this already! I love the way the light catches the features, the whiskers and hair.
wonderful, I already find it so beautiful and emoction , it makes you want to hug both of you.
Thank you Iain. I hope the light hangs together because that is what makes scratchboard. :giggle:
Thank you Wayne. No, it's not messy unless you get really wild with it. You are only scratching off a tiny bit of black ink and I brush it off every so often with a soft brush. 🙂
I've worked a little more on it. I don't know why my scanner is bringing out blurred images. It may be getting ready to quit me. :giggle:

Snoball, finished can only be more beautiful and exciting, if I think that the best pencils or super tablets would be needed to draw, just remember that a wonderful artist like you can create the most beautiful and exciting art both with an inexpensive and also consumed pencil. than with any material, whether it is expensive or not.

that is, knowing you at work on any work, regardless of the medium is really nice, as is seeing the wip or the finished works.
also in this case what you have created is fantastic, both in the second update and in the complete work. fantastic job.
Thank you Iain, I've posted several scratchboard works in this "Drawing" thread. :giggle:
Thank you Joe, that is very kind of you to say. ❤️