Winter Has Arrived


The Hiker .. 11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Dec 3/23
Sunrise .. 11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Dec 3/23
We got a blast os snow and of course the snow peaked my interest in painting snow scenes.
Thank you Sno. A reference photo from about twenty years ago on the Bruce Trail in Ontario.
These are lovely. And you are so prolific with your alla prima works. I'm really drawn to your florals from life.

I apologize if you've you've spoken about your process elsewhere, but I'm curious if you ever work in more of an indirect, layered way? Not to say more "finished," because that's not what I mean (but kind of). It seems like you apply your paint with palette knives, and maybe even fingers, or tools other than brushes, and I'm curious to see how it translates to larger format. With no offense intended, I'm just asking, in a very rambling and roundabout way, if you've shared any more composed pieces that you can point me to?
These are beautiful paintings! Two weeks from today is official start of the winter solstice.
Thank you Sculptha. Yes, I use whatever will get the job done. I don't work layers over time as I work layers over wet paint via alla prima.
I don't work large format anymore as I don't sell and it's costly to make large works that just sit in the basement. I have done 36 x 48 paintingsand larger. I have some posted here but I can't remember where. I think in larger format the pieces might tend to be a little more abstract as I prefer values but don't much care about shapes. I find getting the light and shadow of value more fun so I tend to be less concerned with shapes over areas of value. If your question was if I tend more to reality the answer would be no. I sometimes wind up there but mostly I like to improvise.

Thanks Kay .. we got out first dumping last week. Still on the ground.
What does that mean waiting for approval when I click the thumbnail?
As far as I know, it's when you are submitting images to your media library. Hannah knows more about that than I do. If you're just uploading the images to your post from your computer, you shouldn't have any issues regarding getting approval.
You fulfill my desire to see snow! I like looking at yours, don't want any here. I'm smiling, great paintings.