Winco/Dyson$$ Art Supplies


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If you have a Winco or Dyson near you I can save you money!

Winco is an employee-owned grocery store if you're not shopping there you're spending too much. A Winco's SIX PACK of paper towels goes for $2.50 These are big rolls and superior to those Home Depot blue paper towels imo. I use them exclusively, they do not tear or form little paper pellets when you wipe off paint, etc. Huge savings.

Dyson is like a dollar store but ONLY sells Japanese products. It's a Japanese Disneyland of cool gadgets for around $1. A roll of Dyson 2" brown paper tape sells for a little over $1. Also comes in different widths too. I use this instead of blue painter's tape which costs about $8 for a 2" roll at Home Depot.

Savings for the aspiring arteest. Just tell 'em Bongo sent you.