Where to get non-glare "white glass" like Museum Glass or UV70?


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Not sure where to post this question. Since getting deeply into pastels I have noted that only "white glass" (not regular "green glass") that is non-glare will do. I care less about the UV blocking, but it seems that's the way it comes, like "Museum Glass" and "UV70" or the Groglass equivalent.
Does anyone have a source of such glass already cut to sizes that is reasonable? Pretty expensive to use a framer each time!
Kay that only seems to turn up custom framing. I don't want their frames, just a source of the glass for my own frames. Am I missing something here?
Here is a page out of their catalogue describing acrylic glazing. They also sell mats and do prints, etc.

acrylic glazing.jpg
K, unfortunately, acrylics are exactly what I'm not looking for! They are totally unsuitable for pastel glazing. I'm looking for actual glass called "white glass". There are about 3 brands sold in the US, more commonly called "Museum Glass" or UV70 or Groglass.