When the light went out



Trying hard to abstract the figures…..😀😂🤨
I think you are a master colorist. This is an interesting composition. I like the Xs and the left-hand yellow part that's been added. Gives it a lot of interest. ♥️ ♥️
I don't quite 'get' the line through her face. The image of the black man in the background is skillfully done and nicely mysterious. The abstract background is excellent, as usual.
When I was a kid I would watch Bob Ross paint and just as he was about finished he'd take his brush and make a "big 'ol tree" right across the painting -- as I screamed "NOOO".

Marvelous painting Nufocus despite the "big 'ol (red) tree".
Great work! I think I could recognize one of yours(at least the recent ones) anywhere. ❤️❤️❤️
In any case, we all know our NuFocus is more original than Picasso any day.:)


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Wow!! So many wonderful observations. Greatly appreciated! Thank you all!
Picasso, more original?!?….. Absolutely, Susan!! 😂😀😂
Interesting comment, Wayne!…..😆😂
As a matter of fact I did not have that Reve by Picasso in mind at all… Btw, that’s the one that Steve Wynn (its owner) poked a hole in by accident…
However, the comparison of the pose that Susan pointed out to is interesting.


This piece went through some changes alright!…🤓 as do most of my works. I tend to revisit them time and again….. When at last I leave them alone and sometimes lock them up in frames they sigh in relief, I’m sure….
So here we go: showing a few images of the “evolution” of this one:
Shucks, I’m no expert in the technicals of this wonderful site. So, the order of these 3 images should be looked at chronologically from bottom to top. The top shot here is the current finale….
I love how it all turned out Nufocus. The abstracted one is more my thing of course. Very well done! I love it! ♥️