What this seeing is


2 eyes.
Another old one. The image doesn't appear as clear as I remember it...

Thanks sno. I do appreciate your input. Since I did it, thought I would post it. Circa 2015.

The title is a line from a rubbish old poem.

What this seeing is
Is sealing his fate.
beautiful, I like it, after reading Snoball's impression it also makes me think of a language or a game, a game similar to a futuristic chessboard or a chessboard of a planet similar to the earth
Thank you kindly, Joe. The predominating shape does conjure up the Knight in Chess. It was a repetition I was playing with over a couple of drawings. Here, I shaded to highlight the forms. The image doesn't show detail. There are eyes EVERYWHERE! HA! HA! HA!

I hate it when that happens.
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I really didn't have that big a reaction Iain. I have reported all the repeat posts. :giggle:
I was going to say the same thing sno did, even just as many times! (We are working on the glitch.)