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Today I discovered an economical 100% cotton paper source on Amazon. These are 9x12 blocks of 20 sheets for $16.99 by Fuumuui. I'm a devoted user of their brushes labeled as sable, so I think probably the paper may be good, too. I've ordered some to try out and will report back once I do that but thought I'd post the link for others who might want to try it too. The price is very good and I hope they keep it at this price but at any rate, how can I not give it a try? The 9x12 is a bigger size than I've found even by Baohong for the price and there are 20 sheets so it's a generous amount of pages, too. Click the word Amazon below.

I haven't checked this new paper out yet even though I intended to. Just when it came in the mail, I got the news I was moving to a bigger house so now I'm still getting stuff unpacked and settling in. Then family issues came along---the passing of my children's father yesterday (we divorced many years ago) has caused a kink in the smooth road to having time to paint. So----have you tried the new paper yet, Kay? Maybe tonight I'll get something done on it and if I do I'll post about it here right away.

ETA: Fuumuui also has little 5X7 blocks, too, for $6.90 so I ordered a couple of the small ones, too. They are 20 sheets like the bigger ones.

Here's another kind I found:

It's 5X7 and it's $9.49 for a 20 sheet block.

Meeden is now carrying 100% cotton blocks, too, but I haven't tried or priced them yet.
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Okay I finally tried the Fuumuui paper and it's really nice. I tried lifting color and that works very nicely for the colors I tried. I don't have all my paints unpacked yet so I used the only ones I could get to---Sennelier---but normally I use Rosa Gallery. I'm going to try that brand soon on this brand of paper, but the Sennelier paints went on beautifully both wet-on-wet and wet on dry. The colors move nicely on wet-on-wet. I didn't really overwork it to see if the paper pills. I'm not a really knowledgable person on lots of the technicalities of what I should look for to do a review but I'm very pleased with this paper. Although the color lifts quite easily, it doesn't lift the first color when you're doing a second wash. If you lift on purpose it does lift well, but if you're doing a second layer, it doesn't lift the first layer if you don't try to lift, if that makes any sense. Sennelier is known for being great for layering so that might also be a factor.

I use mostly the Fuumuui brushes made from animal hair, and some of those they advertise as Kolinsky sable but I don't know if they really are Kolinsky. I've been very happy with their brushes. And their travel brushes have the wonderful feature of the caps being screw-on so there's no rattling around loose fitting caps like on other brands which I appreciate very much because I really like travel brushes. They even make travel brushes with daggers and flats and if I'm not mistaken, I think I even have a set that's got a filbert or two. And they have a set for travel that doesn't have the screw on caps---they just have wooden handles---but they come in a case and are quite economical.

If you do any shopping for art supplies on Amazon, you really should check out the Fuumuui store because they have lots of brush sets in addition to the watercolor cotton blocks I've mentioned.