Paper Palettes - update


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As I said, I love using cello( the perfect throw-away palette cover - except cutting and taping down such a thin slippery sheet is (beyond) frustrating.

So I finally got a paper palette pad - I went with 12"x16" white Strathmore - glued on two sides. White is not a deal-breaker for me.
I've used two sheets so far and it's working just fine - but now for the rest of the story:

while waiting for the pad to arrive I figured out the perfect way to cut and paste cello. I used some scraps of hardboard to make a cutting board/jig and a razor knife for the cutting = easy,perfect cuts. I spread Dorland's Wax Medium around the edges of the wood support palette - then lay the cello down and smooth it out. Cello lays perfectly flat with the wax having enough tack to keep it from lifting or slipping and wipes off with a paper towel.

So now I have both paper and cello palettes. :giggle: