View from Turkey Hill Road

P. Barrie

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12”x16”, on Arches CP block. WC and Gouache. From photo I took. I like landscapes with roads.

P.Barrie, this is spectacular! I like the light, entire field is bathing in sun light, even the big front shadow area has lots of light! I like the perspective and space. The road sign is cute and fits in to the view just perfect. Lots of talent in this painting.
Moscatel, Nufocus, much thanks
I had to layer the color more than i have been used to. First time using Arches paper. Seems to soak in the pigment and really holds up to reworking.
I find the colors on the foot of the hill and the top of the hill to be the same .. you lose distance with that coloring. The painting is joyful: a nice sunny day.
Good eye Wayne, especially on the right side. I’ll keep that in mind. This ones “still on the block” so to speak.
The forground is nicely done but something missing in the background scape i think its too much lighted or lack of shadow spots. or the middleground and background scapes have the same value. anyway beautiful work.
Patrick: Even the ones a field away on the foot of the hill viewer left .. if it's till on the block I would pull some sky down into the distant hills so it's not so edgy for that distance.
I should have posted WIP 🙄. There are more trees and shadows to be painted on both sides. As far as “pulling the sky”, since this is WC it will have to suffice to soften the edges with a wet brush.
I really like this! Lovely light on those scattered trees and I love that road stretching away into the distance. :)
Patrick, what on earth? You are some kind of freak of nature to make something this beautiful! I LOVE this! I also love images just like this and have been taking images just like it and trying to determine which one to paint. I now know I will never make one this great, so why bother?! Ha ha ha.

But seriously, this is just stunning. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ⚡
Nicely done. I like the shadows across the road and how it just disappears into the distance.
Arty, Moscatel, Claudia, Anne, thank you much, appreciated

Worked on it some today. Gonna put it away for now, will look again in a while, you know how that goes😆