Valley Blvd II


Did I ever show this one? I better start keeping track.

This is oil on panel, 24 x 18 inches. It is a different version of another piece...I guess I should post that one too.


I don't really remember seeing them. The first is a sort of simplified version of the second one. I like both of them. ❤
First I love the first, then the second! I like the angles in the first contrasting with the thread-like patterns at the back. In the second, there is just so much to look at! Excellent.
Bizzibee says it for me. The first brought a smile before I even got to the bottom of it!

Looks like there might be a interesting shot of the two buildings that are obscured by the passing train, I keep thinking about them and waiting for the train to pass.
I feel like painting whatever forgotten childhood scene triggered this; maybe it will come.
Thanks guys. I did the second one first and was so frustrated with it, I did the second version (the top one) from the same reference. I change things though, obviously. The actual photograph I took looks nothing like either of these. Then again, I took a few from a hill on a street overlooking these tracks.
The second version has very convincing feeling of space and atmosphere on the strength of the color relations and placement of forms. Very good abstract, reminds me some of Diebenkorn.
In the top one, I love those little bands of colours on the building and the blues of your sky.
All you greens in the second and the rolling noise of the passing train.
I remember the second which I like, but I have not seen the first one before which I think I might like even more...both great!