Using the Rolling Ruler

I love tools like this. I have my grandpa's old scale rulers and ruling pen, but I've never seen a rolling ruler. Looks super useful.
With everything being digital it's getting harder to find info on how to draft the "old" way.
Cool ruler.

I'm sure there are plenty of online reprints of old drafting textbooks. Wouldn't be surprised if there's a modern one in book form.
I've been threatening to get one of those rulers for years. I do my parallel lines using a ruler and a set square, but you have to be very careful. Definitely not as easy/quick as this method!
i've got one of those pens i bought specifically for using masking fluid and lost it before i ever tried it. i usually avoid masking fluid anyway, but watching this, i'll have to rummage through the "archives", and actually give it a try! thanks! :)
I render many buildings and also types of machinery. I've used these for decades, and have several different types. Very useful tools in my tool box.
Here's a painting where I used the ruling pen extensively with masking fluid for the fence and window frames.

Blowick Gasholder.JPG

The gasworks has subsequently been demolished.

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Actually, I have a feeling I used masking fluid, I found a post dated 2003 on wetcanvas.
I remember when the rolling ruler first came out. They were demonstrating it in the mall and I was totally taken by it. If I remember right they wanted about $10. for it. There were commercials on TV (remember TV) for it too. I finally got one about 5 years later in a thrift store. Turned out to be broken, or broke shortly after I got it.

I see on Amazon they still want around $10. for - there seems to be only one model and it has quality issues.
I must be missing something as I can't see the advantage over just using a regular ruler that you can slide without having a roller.
If they were cheap, I would try one, but not for 10 bucks.
They both work well. Although most find it a bit easier to keep lines parallel w the roller ruler. Plus, if you have a very vintage tool, there is the 'cool factor...