Uraken Uchi



I have found this 100x100cm streched and painted with some mainstream flowers painting.
back then when i was practice martial arts i painted some figurative stuff karate style.
this one i painted above the flowers and this the result. the painting didnt survive at my small home and i just throw it.
Uraken Uchi.jpg
So good! Love the folds in the fabric, the touches of yellow to suggest movment and the way the figures fill the frame. I like the leaves in the background too.
Lots of movement. Nice painting! Did I understand correctly that you threw it away? If you did That is so sad. It’s a really nice piece.
Excellent Lazarus! You worked hard on the outfits and the composition. It’s a pity it’s in a garbage dump somewhere…..
Superb painting with lots of style and movement/action. I really love that you incorporated green and yellow lines in this to give it contrast and animation. Really well done! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️