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Hi people,
I've put my paints away for a while so thought I'd show one of the last paintings that I've actually managed to finish🙂. It's 50x50cm.Acrylic and various pastels


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Well laf .. I'm not sure why but this one takes me to the inside of church buildings .. love the lavender and blue
I like this so much! It has beautiful colors and movement and is just plain interesting to look at. Did you use oil or soft pastels?
This is so fun to look at. I could spend hours entertaining myself looking at all the shapes and colors.
There is so much going on in this painting, as Jane said, you could look at it all day long. Great job, and please pick up those paints again.
A lovely, attractive painting Lyn. The color harmonies practically sing.

Wishing you the best for whatever is coming up, and hope to see more from you in due time.
Love the way the blues fade into the lavender, yet are tied together with the reds and the greens. ❤️ ❤️
I can look at this one for hours if I had that kind of time, but I did look for a lot longer than I have anything else today. It's truly spectacular! ♥️
Thanks for your replies, glad you have enjoyed this
Wayne,I can honestly say church buildings were not at the forefront of my mind when I did this🙂 but thanks.
Donna,, I used both soft pastels and a few oil pastels with the acrylics
Trier and Trufflecat. I didn't really want to pack up the paints, but lack of space and to be honest my lack of inspiration made me decide that perhaps I needed a break.In all the years and regardless of my situation, I always painted through but this last yr or so has me beaten.Sure it will pass in the meantime I'm glad to have this forum to visit and you lovely people to get me at least thinking about it. Cheers everyone🙂
Enjoy your Art break!! May you come back refreshed and rejuvenated after taking time off.. it is as if the painting would like to lie down a spell.. as if it’s legs are about to tire.. really beautiful painting.