Two For The Price Of One




I cut an 11 x 14 into two 5.5 x 14 inch pieces .. had some extra time on my hands yesterday so I did these and Snow Snow
oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. knives
Two contrasting paintings. The first has nice negative space. The second full of detail. Well done.
Nice idea! You get a panoramic kind of view with these. I like it! They are both a tad warmer than your snowy one. :)

I must say, I really really REALLY like the foreground sticks/twigs in the second one. Nice and spiky, right up into the sky. Well done!
Good job....I like the second one best.
(Wayne, you must go through the paint like crazy:).)
thanks Patrick .. it's that atmospheric distance ..

thanks Queen .. yes . ying yang :cool:

thank you Sno .. just did it for a change as I always squeeze things in the 11 m 14 to fit the pad.

thank you Terri .. it sort of puts you on the spot, doesn't it?

Thanks Jo ..

Thanks Perry .. yes, a lot of paint .. there was some old saying about paint like a millionaire .. which I am not .. but it's only paint. I use a ton of Titanium White and Ultramarine Blue .. the other colors not half as much ..
Wayne, I especially like the first one. I think the colors are interesting and warm. As a snow scene it's often difficult to looks for warm colors because snow is associated cold and if you paint snow plein air (I have experience of that) then you even feel cold. So it's another challenge to find warm in it. The second one could be late evening/night scene. Well done with these snow scenes, in the other thread too.
Gotta love a 2 for 1 in anything. :)
These are bother super Wayne and I am a big fan of the panoramic format too.
Your play of subtle light works fabu;ous in these pieces with wonderful knife work once again.
I like them both.
Thank you moscatel. I used to plain air in winter as there were no bugs. Over time I am not a purist as what sits before me is inspiration to explore and not the finished product. 😀

Thanks John. Yes that format is nice. Portrait version works extremely good for a tall object.