Turn The Page



11 x 14 oil on paper ... Alla Prima ...
nothing big in story here just a work that ended up looking like a comic book illustration but somehow I find it entertaining.
I find this one very intriguing! The story can be many things. Well done!
Interesting, Wayne. It amazes me how few strokes of paint are needed to describe a person.
Thank you Terri and Donna .. yes; a few strokes will get most things
.. what I find amazing is how quickly I forget and start adding more and more and more.
What I really like about this, beside the wonderful knife work, is the way the guy on the right seems to be feeling superior and looking down on the girl on the left But she seems to be holding her own and preserving her dignity in spite of it. Maybe she is just saying "hmmm", that again. One could read racial overtones into this as well, not to mention political, although that may not have been the intent.
Thank you Susan,
You know how they say the feelings come through the artist.. I was thinking Cinderella and the Prince when I painted this. Weird you should see that they don't belong on the same page.
I get the feeling that they are on two separate pages with no connection, but that obviously was not intended and I just cannot see it.