Transporting the Gifting Tree


Watercolor and ink on Arches. This one is a 12 x 9-inch piece of paper. (I'm getting slighter bigger.)

It's lovely, Art. The colours are perfect and those wheels are simply inspired!

In motion, I could feel a little "green." Like the tree?
Thanks everyone. I am glad you guys like it. I thought about putting green in it, but I like the tree bare. Or is it bear? Maybe there should be a bear in it. ...I wouldn't know where to fit it. Next painting maybe. ;)
I suspect the bear is saving itself for a future work. I can see into the future a line of canvases stretching into the distance. .. I wouldn't mind drawing that image.

I really really like the playfulness of your recent WCs. "Recovery Works." Not that that isn't a component of your work more generally...He stops and pads his brow with a polka dot 'kerchief. Rather hot today, isn't it? 😊
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Thanks Trier. I've been doing a lot of watercolors lately. Some I like and some, not as much. ;) This one is okay.
Very childlike in a good way. It makes me think of good old childhood anticipation of the good things to come.
I like how you are able to stay on the same path ... I get knocked about like a piece of driftwood on an angry sea.
Thank you Wayne. Thanks for saying that I am on the same path because I don't feel like I am!