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Well used tongs. ~4x6 C&C welcome.
I (re)learned that this particular paper does not like to be wet. But it's ok for this, I think. Thanks for looking. :giggle:
2021-04-30 10.38.18.jpg
Yes, it works well for this. I can see where it fuzzed up a bit. At least you re-learned on a small one. :giggle: ;)
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Is it that it made the brush strokes drier? I like the look of that. In any case, it's a really cool piece. I like the colors and the sienna in the tips of the tongs. Nice free strokes in this, which I'm always after. I never can do it.
Thanks, Sno.
Arty, thanks. Not that it made the strokes drier, but the water rougher the paper-it just sort of came apart...I guess I put too much water on the paper.