Yesterday and today, I had to repair this for a collector. The plastic it was wrapped in got stuck to it and pulled some of the paint off (just a little), but I said I would fix it, so I did.

Dan Saves Dan, oil on linen, 20 x 16 inches. A bit blurry...

Here it is now, still drying, but it is an even more blurry image. The wet marks will be there for another week or so. and I just don't have the right light set up at the moment.

I had to take away where some of the reddish paint curled over the blue lines too, though it was a natural occurrence of the knife work. He didn't like it and kept saying it looked like a mistake, so whatever, I took it all out and "flattened" the whole thing. But I told him I won't be making any more changes to it. This was not a commission. I like those parts personally. Oh well.

Sometimes clients can be a real PITA. I once did a commission for a lady of her father. I did it just like the photo she sent me. He was very thin and she decided she wanted him to look like his healthier self before the photo. I fleshed him out just as she kept saying, adding exactly what she requested. She finally said she wished she had left it alone and let me do it like the photo. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
I had to take away where some of the reddish paint curled over the blue lines too, though it was a natural occurrence of the knife work.
Yes, I saw that from the photo and thought it deliberate. Wtf. If someone else decides how the work should be, as you describe it, it is not really the artist's anymore. I mean, authentically the artists...

Every time I see your work, I wish that I had done it! That great red rock with all the colours, must look great, even from a distance.

There are a couple of places here where they sell local artists' work, and I have kind of despaired looking in and seeing the stuff. It is so craft-based and well-made, none of the person's hand in it.
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Thanks guys, and thanks for the support.

This used to be one of my favorite paintings. Not anymore. After I told him about some of the things I discovered about the "problems," he said that maybe the painting was fine to begin with and maybe he put me back to work for nothing and he was sorry.

You don't know the half of it with this guy. I'm not even telling you everything about what a PITA he's actually been and I'm not going to sell to him anymore. I've appreciated his business in the past, but he's been oversharing his life with me lately, and I don't know what to do with that, especially when money is involved. I feel like I'm in a really awkward position now. :(
You would think a collector of your work, and of art in general, would have some understanding of the art they are purchasing, and of what it means to an artist. It sounds like what sno has experienced.

Still a beautiful work. Sorry.
Thanks Iain.

Here's a little better shot of it this morning. Still a little blurry, but I don't have a good photo setup yet. I'll probably do that sometime today. I'm tired of not having one.

Speaking of reproduction. I sometimes wish I only produced what can fit inside a scanner.

Sitting here looking at the painting, the flower to the right appears to pop as if made from paper, and I am reminded of a drip painting. I hope you don't mind that I post it here (delete as necessary). I wasn't going to post it at all, but the simple effectiveness of Dan Saves Dan has given me the oomph to do so. Oomph? I was going to say, inspiration, but that is so tired.

Flower Eating Snakes.jpg
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