Tiny adventurer


Bazillions of ladybugs have overtaken my house again this year-my speculation on what they are thinking about is shown here!


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I can't tell if this is a painting or your snapshot of bugs on a painting. Dang cool but you can keep them.
Very good. I like how one's broken free of the group and is venturing into the unknown. Great shine on those wingcases and great texture on the bark too.
It is certainly not spherical.. nice ladybugs BTW :)
You see , if you are the center of the creation then you play a very important role in the universe, you are in the center of it and you have value, relevance. If you are turning around something vast and huge you become insignificant, a speck of nothing, and without value. Ask yourself, do you have value? if yes, flat theory is for you else geocentric theory is for you.
Besides there are several scientific experiments (that you can do yourself) to prove you have been taught to believe something is not real.
Wonderful piece! I love the painting technique too. It's really well rendered. What is the size? It's really good! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Thanks everyone including the tretise on flat earth theory! This is a watercolor (Kuretake Gansai Tambi) a VERY HIGHLY pigmented paint in pans. I think Cheap Joes has it- or Amazon for sure. On Arches 140CP about 14x14 in square. I outdid myself with the detail on bugs and shadows. Used a dinner plate for birch circle. Chose emerald green to complement the red buggies. Try that paint if your a H2O painter....a trip to the unknown!