Tilt Life


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Dave Woody's "still life in the old dog" - reminded me of a piece I did back in the ice age. I painted back then almost exclusively in black and white with round hog hair bristle brushes. I too had a penchant for puns and wordplay. I actually "tsk-tsked" when other people used puns and wordplay in paintings but I considered myself an exception because I was so darn good at it. I kinda was too.

What made me stop doing it was when I would do a painting without puns or wordplay, and only get comments like "I don't get it"? "What's the joke?" I had built up a small following by being punny, but had also built a box around me that was suffocating. So of course I did what any good contrarian would do and started painting with saturated circus colors and never the same subject twice. That got rid of the box (and the followers).

Anyway here was my take on the classic "still life" -
Tilt Life - acrylic on 18" x"24" canvas panel

lol, that is Still Life Arranged on a Table. Thanks for posting. I needed a smile.
Love it! It's like a conceptual installation piece and a painting all in one. Very cool.
answers my question as to why a table is a table and not a chair .. thanks for the smile
Thanks all. Bizzibee, I guess if you wait long enough any painting could become relevant.
Sorry.....I got this idea after seeing your picture. I was going to ask your permission to paint it,
but...naw .... never mind.....I just scribbled it on an envelope ... you get my drift.