"This morning I've been thinking about your future...


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..and how I'm going to help you survive this crazy time your going thru and how I can help you open a new chapter of your life"
(This new chapter btw is going to cost you $1,000!)

Are you getting "targeted" ads like this one on You Tube? They must have me targeted as the most pathetic fool on the internet. I've survived a hell of a lot more "crazy" times than this one so no need to spend your morning worrying about my future, thanks anyway.

Would you give this man a thousand dollars to write the next chapter of your life?

Never seen those ads nor the man in the pic.
And no of course I would't pay him 1000 bucks "to write the next chapter in my life".
Sounds dodgy as f.
I'm never on YouTube, so I can't say I've been a victim of his. Sounds funny though.
I agree, I am a bit curious what particular snake oil he is trying to pander.
Unlike Artyczar I am regularly on youtube, dunno why the algorithm didn't think I needed an expensive brandnew chapter in my life.....
On the other hand for unfathomable reasons I have been targeted by advertising for state of the art surface to air rocket systems. Exactly what we need on our sheepfarm in one of the most remote parts of Iceland :ROFLMAO:
I agree, I am a bit curious what particular snake oil he is trying to pander.
He's actually pretty engaging and if you were born yesterday you might be tempted to buy into his program. His pitch goes like this:
1.First he states the problem - art fairs and galleries are dying or dead. True enough, but for the vast majority of artists they never worked in the first place.
2.The answer is this crazy new internet thing and in case you've been living under a rock, he's here to tell you all about it.

His strategy as far as I"ve looked into it -as an example goes something like -

Say you paint dog portraits. .. well here's a data base of 570 million people that own dogs, and here's a data base of 50 million people that follow auctions on Christies - the data bases intersect with 5 million people that "buy art" and own dogs. So all you have to do is optimize your face book page for those people and buy ads for them to read...

Is that likely to generate more than a thousand dollars (plus the cost of the ads) in revenue for you? And is that really some secret knowledge, special sauce, that you need him for?
For people who don't know any better and like wasting their money on both him, and internet ads, it's a steal.
Like all other scams it’s a numbers game: 99 people move on to the next video but number 100 sends a check.
Like all other scams it’s a numbers game: 99 people move on to the next video but number 100 sends a check.
You're right, and he's actually doing a version of what he's selling - narrow casting - winnowing down perspective buyers thru targeted advertising based on data sets then buying advertisement directed at them. So while that strategy might land him a customer, it's unlikely to work for the artists buying his program. The problem imo is that selling widgets mass produced in China is not the same as selling a one of a kind painting.
This scam for $1000 is nothing compared to other scams, and at least it's not like a scam scam where you get absolutely nothing in return. This is just data that you could otherwise get if you put a little research into it yourself. A lot of people do this with how to buy and sell houses too. They pay for "how to get rich" programs, but at least there's information involved. They most likely won't get rich of course, but at least you get some kind of exchange for your money. It's not like those hundreds of email scams from Nigerians where you get scammed out of your money for shipping costs and your paintings.
I’ve seen him on you tube and on Facebook. Feels good to swipe him away on Facebook. 😆
On you tube he pops up at the beginning of some artists demo videos. Luckily the skip ad only lasts for a few seconds.
Well, as a dog artist with over 18 years under my belt, I can tell you my experience is there's very little intersection between Christies buyers and pet portrait buyers!