This is Roni from Germany.


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Hi there. As stated above in the title, my name is Roni and I come from Germany.

I think in my life I never did anything that wasn't art, be it drawing, speaking or lifting a glass of Gin.
It's simply how you do things.

Thanks for having me.
Welcome Roni! It's great to see you here. I didn't even know you made visual art! My total bad.

I'm so glad you registered here. I know you'll be an excellent asset to the site if you stay on board. As you know, it's hard to get a forum started and give it life. It takes some time. Thank you so much for participating. :)

By the way, where in Germany do you live? Laf is also in Germany.
Welcome Roni. You'll be treated so many different ways here that you are bound to like one of them. :)
Thanks snoball. Already liking it.
I really do hope I'll be able to keep track at least a little. It's a warm and cozy place here, where I'd like to settle.
Alas, I tend to be unable to get out of bed for long times.
Hey Roni, yep I'm currently living in Hamburg, how is it down your way?, I lived in Munich years ago, very different than here I must say
Hi Laf, cool to meet you.
My hometown Bamberg is a beautiful city in summer and without Corona, while when it's cold or rainy or corony, it's just as horrible as everywhere else.

Been living in Munich in my early 20s for about 8 months and hated every minute. Well, not exactly, as I had a nice job, but the city was snobbish as hell. You're far better-of in Hamburg.
Hey Roni,
Haha yea when it's rainy and grizzly like today I really don't like it, but then I lived for many years in various hot countries so this weather is the pits for me haha. I"ve heard that Bamberg is a lovely place. I find Hamburg a bit smug - except for the arty areas. I had a great time in Munich but had a good job and lived near the big market, also I was a lot youger ha ha so everything was fun
Hi Roni,

hope you recovered from your stay in my home town :D Great to learn hell is snobbish, definitely decreases my chances of going there.
Hope you'll enjoy yourself here and yes, I agree, this looks like a nice place already.