There's a sniper about! Quick draws


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On the train, in the street... nobody is safe


target acquired... pen uncapped... GO


Man down! But nothing will stop the sniper


(this was a funny one... had an Incident with a broken jar. Still managed to nail an unsuspecting victim in the waiting area while waiting to get stitched up. That's intentional red watercolor on the page by the way, not something worse. Also good thing it was Lefty since I'm right handed)


sniper got the bus driver! while he was having an innocent cigarette! he never saw it coming!


not my great-aunt's dog! even the animals are not safe from the sniper


a whole family group! oh the humanity!
(also a cigarette butt... blame the bus driver?)


the rampage of the sniper will never end... nothing is safe


Drawn in various books with various pens.
Wonderful way to keep in practice. I love all of these candid captures.❤️❤️❤️
Those are wonderful!
Pre-covid, when I had appointments, I went early to be able to sketch. I miss that.
A bit of time in a busy area can offer many models.
Also want to add I admire your commitment; keeping on sketching even after you just cut your hand, I'm impressed!
Wonderful quick sketches. Some terrific work on the figures, and I'm so glad you included the dog and squirrel! The lines capturing the squirrel's movement are beautifully expressive.
These are great! You are good at capturing people in poses and moving around.
thanks all :D I'm grateful for my poor attention span in a way because it forced me to learn to draw fast. Even so, getting squirrels is playing the game on nightmare mode... darned twitchy things!
These are wonderful. I'm not very good at doing this myself - I get scared that someone will spot me 😄
Haha I love your little sniper adventure. Awesome sketches, and thanks for the tip, I finally have a reason to wear my sunglasses!