The Wabash Cannonball Songs ser. #6


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Loved the song as a kid and still do!

Painting was gifted to a friend some time ago. It was about 16x20 ins as I remember, acrylic/paper.

C&C okay
Freakin Big Eyeball .. I never realized how primitive a design the old trains had .. a big barrel with an eye as big as the barrel .. that's a good job of getting one element to do that much work for you. It certainly does say train.
arty, sno, susan - Thank you very much, nice feeling comments.

As kids we doubled dared each other to stand closest to the track as a train thundered by; I was the dumbest.

Wayne - Yeah, I started with the nose and headlight and felt it said it all so just threw on the steam and got off the track!

lyn - thanks; maybe that's when I started to lose my hearing.
Trier, just let it rip again and again. The results of “ripping” are more often than not astounding.