(The) Seven Styles of Art?


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Saw this video on YouTube:

The narrator claims that all art falls into one of these seven styles. Seems to me there are whole vistas of art that don't really, and the seven styles as proposed in the video are not very well thought through.

But this creates a challenge for us: if we have to reduce all visual art to seven (or other such small number) broad styles, what would they be? What would the criteria be for deciding what a style of art is? I'd be interested in hearing some ideas thrown out here... :)
I think such a discussion would sail straight into the same cliffs of the "what is art" question.... :ROFLMAO:
Edit, as for my division, representative and non representative, pretty sure that at least all visual art falls under these two... 😆
And I agree with Brian, the vid seems rather flawed to me.
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thanks, I will see the video, and maybe I write my impressions on the question (even if it is just a personal thought), idea and that as you say, yes there are so many styles, this art seems like a world in the world, something so varied and immense, different worlds that may actually be the same world, but that is, the variety, this immensity is the beautiful thing, they seem so separate things
you find hyperrealism, you find Rothko's works, munch, many worlds in the worlds. michelangelo, modigliani etc.
and probably in the video even if it only says 7 maybe there is some genre, style that is new to me or that hadn't occurred to me now,
I have never understood why it was so important to label art. 🤷‍♀️

It makes it easier to discuss. Apart from that, might actually be a good idea not to label it at all. Or to decide that there are as many styles as there are artists. :)
Seems that video is for the true layman. Someone who would not be able to differentiate any sort of painting from another. This might give that person a little bit of a reference, or a barometer, so they can go through a museum with a exercise to do. That's what impression it gave me. It's certainly not the only seven art types there are, especially because it crosses styles and subjects and sort of bunches them together without giving much context and/or differentiating them. It's a super simplified way of looking at a few basic "styles." There are many more styles, movements, details, crossovers, etc. And even more that blur. I'm surprised Dali wasn't in there too.