The Long And Winding Road


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This will be my first painting post here at Creative Spark and I look forward to many more posts as well as commenting on the beautiful work I have seen in the forums.
I enjoy the changing of the seasons and long walks in hopes of catching a glimpse of something to paint. As the colder temps commence the leaves begin to change quite quickly and pathways like this accumulate the falling leaves over the following couple of months.
This is a 16 by 20 acrylic on panel painting of a typical late September day in our area....hope I was able to capture some of the scene.
As always thanks for looking and comments always welcome. Great to be a part of this wonderful group.

(Sorry for putting The Beatles song in your head- LOL)


Long And Winding Road

IMG_20190608_050431 (4) (520x399) (520x399).jpg
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John: real nice depiction of a beautiful trail .. careful with your trees forming lines without obstructions ..
Thanks Wayne much appreciated ....really enjoy this time of year for the colours and this one captures it just as it commences. Thanks for the input always my friend.
Lovely. I like your tree shadows across the road and the light caught on the trees. Nice also how the detail decreases as you look into the distance.
Thanks so much Queen Bee and AMS. I appreciate your wonderful insightful comments.

Sorry for putting The Beatles song in your head- LOL)
I forgive you, John!

You keep posting paintings as beautiful as this one and you can plant those ear worms anytime!

I am especially admiring your falling sunlight and shadows over the road. Great work.
LOL...thanks Terri.
Yes those earworms can certainly stay with us for the day ( or two) besides a good Beatles song is hard to beat. LOL

Thanks for the wonderful comments and always appreciated.
John :)
Very beautifully done ! I can almost smell those fallen leaves (there is a particular Autumn fragrance in the forest, no?). The light and shadows are superb !
Thanks so much dupliKate100 ...very much appreciated always. Yes there is something magical about Autumn for sure. :)

Artyczar, I have to agree that as I paint scenes like this I can feel that cool air as it whistles through the leaves on the trees. Thanks for the comments, I always appreciate them.
John :)
Beautiful painting John and it's nice to see you here! I like the tree shadows and the way you did the background without too many details.
I appreciate your comment and you are right these little backroads/trails are always so full of character. :) thanks again.

So good to see you here too and as always I appreciate your comments and looking forward to seeing some of your wonderful work. Yes I drybrushed some of that background to give it a more blurred /distant appearance.
Have a great week.

John :)
Beautiful color and brushwork. The shadows on the road seem a little odd, maybe too regular/ angular and not cast in a common direction? If the different angled ones are from angled branches perhaps they could be thinner?
Hey Maureen

Thanks for the input, I will have to go back and check my reference but there was some strange angles to the cast shadows on the path and I may need to tidy up some of those so the perspective reads better. I think there were possibly some thick limbs creating some shadow but will have a looksee and adjust as needed. Thanks again. :)

P. Barrie

I know the reference I had for this scene had some strange angles going on and it could have been some large thick branches in the treeline ( not sure) ...I will need to have another peek and revise accordingly. Thanks for the input...always appreciated.👍 😀

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John: this is beautiful. Love the pallet with the warm tree trunks, and those golden glowing leaves in the fg. Good job getting interest and variation in all those tree trunks - very natural. Your title jogged a memory from the early 70s of that song on a country walk with friends on a sunday school outing - recall it being an earworm at that time and place. Back in the day ..
Would agree with comments about the shadows. Just a couple in the mg - easily fixed - add touch of road camber while your there instead?
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I had to read your lines after looking at this meticulously executed piece to realize that it’s not a photo!! Well done!!
Hi Arnie

Thanks so much for the comments on this landscape piece and appreciate the extra feedback. Always good to get some added eyes on a piece. :) Yes, when those songs take up residence in your head it can be a full day
Thanks again my friend. :)


Thanks so much and as always very much appreciated. I love painting pathway scenes like this ....always so much to offer.
Looking forward to seeing your work...thanks again for the great comments.