The heart is a lonely hunter



Acrylics on paper.
Around 13”X16”
I love everything about this--all the colors and that the person is half green, the yellow in their solar plexus. The lighter green path, the (what looks to be) an abstracted collapsed parking structure behind them, all the brush technique, and even that your signature is in a blue-green. It's all so wonderful. Excellent piece! ❤ ❤ ❤
Somehow this painting leaves me feeling very sad. Maybe that was its purpose. :unsure:
Arty, what can I say?? A zillion thanks.
From Wikipedia:
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter is the debut novel by the American author Carson McCullers; she was 23 at the time of publication. It is about a deaf man named John Singer and the people he encounters in a 1930s mill town in the US state of Georgia.
I think I saw the movie many years ago. Somehow that title jumped at me.
Isolation, empty streets, sadness - all relevant, I guess.
The figure is somewhat abstracted in an attempt to melt it into the abstract surroundings.
After all, the subject of the struggle or cooperation between humans and nature has been dealt with a million times. The most famous example: The scream, by Munch.
Oh well.... my humble contribution.....
his expression, .. nice job.

I don't know the book and the film, thanks for information on the piece
Love it. The way you've merged the figure into the background while highlighting his face is brilliant. Another winner.