The Giant Beautiful


I finished two watercolors this morning. I didn't know where to post this one, but it's a watercolor and ink, 10 x 7 inches. It came from a weird dream. The other is in the abstract forum.

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Love it! It looks like you brought back a veritable treasure trove of trinkets! I wish i had drawable dreams like this. I love the way those ears flop. Perfect.
First I smiled, then thought what a great piece for a child’s room! Arty, it’s delightful!
Thank you sno, Iain, and ntl. I very much appreciate your lovely words. They mean everything. ❤️
Wonderful !
That could only be Harvey, the 6 foot rabbit, as seen by Elwood P. Dowd and a few of us other nuts.
So happy this got bumped where I could see it. I love this whole thing! Top to bottom it makes me smile.