The Bald Bowler


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another bald bowler. I tried to go "full on" anaglyph with this but had to pull back 'cause it just wasn't happening...

acrylic on 12" x 12" panel


Below is the bald bowler that I altered using PS and made into a (digital) anaglyph.
The 3d effect looks pretty good with the red and cyan glasses. Looks like it wouldn't be all that hard to recreate with paint but so far has alluded me.

This is really interesting; makes me want to try it also.
Do you have the colored glasses from the old days, or would some pieces of clear plastic film painted thinly with red and cyan work as well ?
Good painting no matter what format.
Appreciate folks looking and commenting.

I did a fair amount of research and it turns out that cheap paper glasses like those passed out at theaters actually do a better job rendering the 3d than more expensive plastic framed ones. The film used in them is better color balanced. I also looked at offerings on amazon, the best deal/feedback I found was this one - 12pair for $6.99 - I got them in 2 days and they work!

To do "proper" 3d you need to combine two photographs taken from the same distance apart as your eyes. But with PS you can get good results from just one photograph (albeit with a caveat).