Technical Question: Polyester Resin Car Body Filler


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I have an idea for a (very abstract) sculpture of a dancer, derived from spheres that are fused together using a metaball algorithm. Since it will be life size or bigger, and because of the shape, my usual concrete will not be practical. I am thinking of using aluminium strips combined with car body filler in some parts. I would prefer not to paint the filler. Has anyone here had experience with the durability of unpainted body filler out of doors? Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
From an automotive point of view I know that filler isn't waterproof - it absorbs and holds moisture, so on a car it needs painting as it can affect the metal around it and cause it to rust. I don't know if that is useful to you though!
Thank you, guys. I spoke to an expert in car matters yesterday and he told me the same things. It seems I will have to consider a paint layer, but that's OK.