Target Practice


This is OLD, and I only post it because my old band is rereleasing our old album from the 1990s and this was the cover. I had to re-doctor the only crappy image I had of it to make it look half-way decent. I don't have the original painting anymore. This was about 20 x 26 inches, or something. Oil and mixed media on canvas. The heart was a piece of leather and some copper wire.

Thinking of it, my favourite album covers were handdrawn, or like with the bands under the Two Tone label, they each had an emblem. and as sno said, this one would warrant a double take. The background reminds me of the work Cat, that you recently posted on Instagram. That had the feel of an earlier work, and is pretty darn special.
Thank you Joe and sno. Iain, thank you too. Yes, the one called "Cat" was done sometime near that same year I think, or at least in that era.

The band picked this painting and then sort of back peddled about how "proactive" it could wind up being. I said we should name the album something funny to lighten up the image, so the album was entitled, "Ouch,"

That looks the business. And I love the title. You should have got them to rename the band...