Sunken Meadow in Autumn

Joan T

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I love plein air painting and when the weather cooperates I am smiling. We had temperatures that reached the mid 60s yesterday so I headed to Sunken Meadow State Park which is located along Long Island Sound. It is one of the few places on Long Island where you can actually find sizable hills for a backdrop. The autumn colors were perfect. 4 x 10 done in watercolors.
Your love of the season and the location comes through loud and clear in this one, Joan. Your plein air work is inspiring!
I just love those autumn colours! I really like how you've picked out those few foreground trees then suggested the ones behind, by blending the colours and adding in suggestions of branches.
Lovely, as usual. Reminds me of the autumn color here in October.
Beautiful autumn palette, Joan! Lovely watercolor work!
Beautiful color and value range. Really good capture from direct observation. My hat is off to you.