Summer In The City


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going thru my stash of old paintings, picking out ones I should make frames for - this is acrylic on 40" x 30" Yupo. Can't decide if I should leave it like this or make two paintings out of it.
comments welcomed
Great one Bongo !

It epitomizes places like Oceanside CA for me and therefore I would keep it 'as is', but that's just me.

PSA is right, forever and a day.
Thanks PSA. The only way I can do detailed paintings is on a big support so the detail is not that small. This one is 40" x30". Trier I was thinking of California beaches when I made this and the top is inspired from L.A. Thomas Brothers Map books if you know/remember those.

My plan was to make one integrated piece with the roads leading down to the beach with parking lots, etc. like it would look from above. But I couldn't pull it off so I made two paintings on one piece of Yupo.

I think it works as one piece, but my concern with it is that it's too much on the nose , if you know what I mean. It seems like it's trying to make a "statement" and not in a particularly novel or sophisticated way. I prefer making paintings that don't say anything (other than look at me).
I love this and think you should keep it as one. I totally see the Thomas Bros inspiration. And if that was the inspiration, then you must keep it this way in my opinion. It's so original and it's not too much on one piece. It breathes between with the sparse sand parts, then the waterline. It's really, really cool. I have a whole series on the Thomas Bros book pages, so I love this idea. They mean a lot to me and people seem to love them.
As Ricky once sung: "you can't please everybody, so you got to please yourself". Not my cup of tea but I can appreciate the work you put into it. Now that I know the story it works: not so sure it did when I simply looked at the painting.
Some cities are right up against the water so it isn't out of line as is.