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This is what my desk used to look like last summer.


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Being just a beginner myself, I have no dedicated place for art occupations. I usually take my stuff at my work desk to make some pencil drawing or some watercolor / acrylics exercises. Since the pandemic I work at home through the net on my company's computer. Unfortunately I have tons of hand written notes about my professional work all around (most of the times I make a draft on paper, I work on it a lot before writing the final report to the computer).
Sometimes, late night, I use the table of the living room for my art work, however I have to not leave anything like brushes, paint tubes or water containers, before the next morning.

I'm afraid things become more complicated because I took a decision to try oil colors. I did already buy color tubes, brushes, special oil paper pads, canvas panels, linseed oil and solvent. Oil materials are much more smelly than watercolors or drawing pencils. I have to find another solution.

A cousin of mine, professional artist, owns her own nice studio in a flat given to her by her parents: 3 rooms plus an entrance space, the kitchen, the bathroom and a corridor. Two of the rooms are separated by a large door, so they form a big room. There is storage space for materials too. There is nice natural light from the windows. The only "problem" is that it is located quite far away from her home.