student oil paint


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I've been painting with acrylics for 15+ years - now want to try some oil painting - looking for inexpensive paints for now. Lukas and Van Gogh are two that have been recommended. So what are your feeling/experience with those - and what other brands might I look at.

One approach I don't want to take is rather than buying student grade - start with just a few tubes of quality paint. That is a valid way to go -but not for what I'm trying to accomplish.

all input appreciated.
One local artist painted ONLY with Winton paint. His pieces were varied and beautiful, landscapes and seascapes generally, with or without buildings, and a few still lifes. I inherited his paint, all Winton, with a large tube of ultramarine blue. I used the blue for a project and didn't like it.
I highly recommend the Winton Oils. They might be considered student grade, but they are not exactly. They are nearly professional, aside from some lightfastness and the pigment/linseed ratios in some of them (depending on the colors), but I find they behave so similar to artist grade paint, there's not much of a difference. The prices are way better of course. I love them and use some of them for underpainting to make my professional grade go farther on the surface. They are practically identical in consistency too, IMO. If my words don't make sense right now, please forgive me as I am on a lot of pain medication.
Thanks to everyone for helping me go oil.

I did A LOT of research on all the different student grade paints. It seemed like for each brand someone loved it, and someone hated it. I was finally able to find several youtube videos where the different paints were spread out and compared so you could see the color and consistency and how they held up when mixed. Lukas 1892 was the better brand in every case (imo). It wasn’t really a fair comparison because Lukas 1892 is an inexpensive Artist grade and not a student grade. But then life’s not fair is it? The cherry on top was the faster drying time due to the added beeswax. I bought a split primary plus earth colors in the larger 200ml tubes – except for the reds. I couldn’t decide – based on no experience with the brand – which cool/warm red would be better so I bought 37ml tubes of cad red med, and cad red light for now. I spent a bit over two hundred dollars – about $50 -60 more than I would have on student grade. And had I bought the same paint in Golden Acrylics it would have cost much more.
Both cad reds are warm. Better quinacridone red for cool, if they make it.
Not sure - looked warm and cool to me in the sample - but that's why I only bought 37ml

I'm glad you found something you liked. Can't wait to see what you do with it. The thing I like about cad reds is the slight orange tinge to it. I think that's what makes them warmer.
I'm using the oils to do Plein Air painting. I've converted an old French (Jullian) box-easel into a Yarka-style Russian easel - which I'm calling a "Frarka" (FRench-yARKA) - and painting roundabouts in Seattle- there are hundreds of them - each planted and maintained by the neighbors around them - not the city. So there is great variation - and of course the setting - the homes and neighborhoods around them are as big a part of the painting.