Stourhead – aka “I am rubbish at landscapes.”

I thought I had commented on this because I like it so much. You created a beautiful landscape. Warm and welcoming, nice composition and so much more.
Please excuse the tardiness of my relies; I am having work done in my home. Ironically, it is painting! First there was a lot of wallpaper removal, which is the devil's invention. Several rooms, ceilings, etc. are being painted, and this is the third week. So we have been scurrying about moving furniture, cleaning, and transferring bits and bobs from one room to the next. Between doing our regular workouts, getting groceries and the like, I have done no art at all for over two weeks. This is the first I have commented on any forum in ages.

Murray, your website shows how skilled you are, so your kind words are meaningful.
E.J.H., I cannot take much credit for the composition, but I did crop the photo.
Ayin, thanks ever so much. You can hardly be expected to comment on every thread here! Since I have minimal experience with skies, I decided to leave it simpler and focus on the greens. A dramatic sky would be great - in the right hands.
Jo, you know how much I admire your skills, so that is very high praise. Thank you!
Many years ago, I taught an oil painting class at a local recreation center. At one of the sessions, I used a photo of the Stourhead, Aplollo's Temple as the subject for one of my paintings that the entire class painted.

It is so nostalgic to see this scene, from a different view than that from which we painted it, and I think that you did a magnificent job of painting it in watercolor. If I were you, I'd be very proud of your effort! In my opinion, you have rendered it very well!
William, thank you so much! Your comments really mean a lot to me.
Joy, this is a beautiful painting. Like Rich, I especially like the bridge and the reflection in the water.
Anne, thank you! Although I feel like it looks better on the screen because you cannot see the overworked areas. I need to paint more landscapes.