Stormy shores



A regression from abstraction to.... I don’t know what.....
In any case, it’s rather dark and gloomy....
It’s acrylics on paper and it’s rather small.
I like it. It seems very organic and I like that. Is this different for you? I haven't seen anything like it.
"Break, Break, Break" ....... the cold gray sea ... summer colors have gone, winter arrives at the beach with a beauty of its own.
Just another part of life..?
I quite like it! It definitely gives the impression of stormy shores.

Well I did it again. Left this reply sitting in the box and didn't hit the post button. Oh well, better late than never. ^_^
Well, I'm no painter, but this appears to live up to the title, ie. works.
I love this. Having the clouds go one way and the waves the other really heightens the energy level.